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The Grange Choral Society were in good form at their Spring concert in Christchurch Priory. The main item was Mozart's Requiem - his final work, left unfinished on his death at only 36 and completed by his pupil Franz Süssmayr. This was a vigorous performance, full of excitement and tension, yet not without its tender moments. The efforts of conductor Márcio da Silva to work on the choir's "projection" are beginning to pay dividends. The tenors, in particular, were noticeably more confident than in the past: although still few in number, they were out-numbered rather than "out-sung"! His ability to engage impressive young soloists with potential for successful operatic careers enriches the Society's presentation of major works. On this occasion Anna Rajah (soprano), Irina Loskova (alto), Peter Kirk (tenor) and Tristan Hambleton (bass) all made splendid individual contributions... As ever, the Grange Orchestra, provided a secure and colourful accompaniment; the four trombones employed by Süssmayr can be overpowering when modern instruments are used, but here, with such a large choir, this was not a problem.

The second half of the programme was a much less familiar piece: Lux Aeterna by the contemporary American composer Morton Lauridsen. Premiered in 1997, its five connected movements all set Latin texts containing references to light. The choir engaged with the essential stillness of the music which was obviously the composer's intention. To achieve this Lauridsen bases the whole piece, lasting some 25 minutes, in the key of D - though with continual but not unpleasant dissonances to which the choir rose well...it seemed clear that performers - including the 15-piece orchestral ensemble - and audience generally enjoyed it.

The response at the end of the evening clearly suggested that in the 15 months since Márcio da Silva took the helm he has won the affections of the regular singers, players and audience. This bodes well for the future. The Society's next concert on 13 July is billed as a selection of North American music.
Derek Baldwin (edited)



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